The law community is supportive

I started this blog in an effort to help pre-law students get a real idea of what the law school journey is all about. When I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer about 3 years ago I searched every website, blog, & forum for help on what to do & where to start.

I was so excited when I found  resources specifically for law students, I was never short of answers. I spent hours at a time reading law student blogs with titles like “A day in the life of a law student” & “My study schedule.” These posts helped me understand what this life is REALLY like. Recently I’ve stepped out of my shell & started not only reading the blogs & forums, but actually participating in them. I comment & ask questions, I private message people who interest me, and I engage in conversation with #LawTwitter. 

The other day my boyfriend asked “Why the hell are all the law students so nice to you?” I’m still trying to come up with the answer to that but whatever it is, I’m thankful for it. Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was to give you guys some of the resources that have helped me so much. So here we go:

Tales From 3L Hell: I’ve been reading her blog for a WHILE now & I love it!

Top-Law-Schools: If want to know anything related to law school, you need to be on this site.

Above the law: humorous, sometimes offensive but a damn good read. They also have a law school ranking system that is much more accurate than U.S World News.

Latinas Uprising: I read through about 50 posts & all have been insightful. I personally like the Work-Life Balance tab.

Ms.JD: This site offers tons of interviews with successful women in the legal industry, they also have a few guest bloggers that are always a great read.

#LawTwitter: It’s exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of law students, lawyers & even law professors tweeting each other. I love interacting with people through this hashtag. A piece of advice, no one will see your tweets when you add the hashtag if your twitter profile is “private.” 

Do you have sites that have helped you along the way? If so, comment & let me know!



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