My Law School Journey

So I have this app on my phone that is counting down the days until I start law school. (79 days, 22 hours & 38 minutes) As I look at it, I realize how long the journey to this day has been. I didn’t grow up wanting to be a lawyer so it’s not as long as my besfriend’s timeline but it has been a lengthy process. So I decided to take you all along a timeline of my “Get to law school” journey. Here we go!

Fall 2012: “I think I want to be a lawyer” This is really how it happened, no lie.

March 2013: My first law school visit with my bestie Tisha (, we flew to New York and visited Fordham Law & NYU Law.  

October 2013: Enrolled in a LSAT prep course

February 2014: Took the LSAT for the 1st time.

June 2014: Took the LSAT for the 2nd time.

August 2014: Created an “apply” list of about 20 law schools.

September 2014: Wrote my Personal Statement (Hated it)

November 2014: Registered for CAS, Requested all letters of recommendation, Sent in my transcripts (I had credits from a community college back home, don’t forget these count too)

December 2014: Took the LSAT the 3rd & Final time. I also wrote a new personal statement because I disliked my first one.

January 19th 2015: Submitted all of my law school apps.

January 24th 2015: First law school acceptance. Just 5 days after submitting I was accepted, I cried like a baby!

February – March 2015: Lots of acceptances & lots of campus visits.

April 2015: Committed to my law school.

May 2015-July 2015: Summer Chiiiiiiillllllllin. What is 0L prep? Lot’s of drinks, road trips & sleep.

August 8th 2015: GRADUATE!

August 9th 2015: Move to Illinois (Also, happy birthday to me)

August 19 – 21th 2015: Orientation

August 24th 2015: First day of school!

& We’re done.

This was 3 years in the making, I stressed out about every detail, shed gallons of tears & worried like a maniac. But this process was amazing, I learned so much along the way most importantly, stop stressing the F*** out! As this journey comes to a close I’m so excited to start a new one, & this time you all will join me along the way.



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