Where the Heck have I been?

Soooo, yea… I’ve been m.i.a on the blog for about a month now. I have updates for you guys so lets just get started, shall we?


I put this in caps because I thought I was never going to make a decision. So on August 9th (my 22nd birthday) I will be packing my bags and driving to Illinois. *Whoa* 

2. I signed a lease on an apartment. 

As soon as I decided on a school, I went apartment hunting. I took a few tours on admitted students weekend & fell in love with an apartment. I wanted to get things done as soon as possible, so I did the application right away & got approved to move in on August 10th. I will be living alone (wooohooo) in a one bedroom one bathroom not too far away from the law school.

3. I am *almost* done with undergrad.

One class away from my degree. ONE CLASS. I graduate on August 8th, 71 days, 1 hour & 57 minutes…in case you were wondering.

4. I got a full-time job

Summer jobs are awesome. This summer I’m working at a local law school as a Bar prep administrator. It’s pretty ironic that I’m working with Bar prep before I even start law school.

I’m on a regular schedule with work, life & school so I’ll be posting more regularly on the blog this summer.