No, My Boyfriend is Not Moving to Law School With Me!

So Please, Please for the love of God stop asking me!

I can’t tell anyone about my move without being asked “Is Brandon moving too?,” “Are you guys going to break up?” “Do you really think long-distance will work?”

Brandon and I have been together for about 3 and a half years now and I love him to death, but no, he is not packing up his life, quitting his job and moving to Illinois with me. I don’t think people realize just how absurd that sounds! He has his own career, identity and life goals, that’s not to say we both don’t want to be together but we understand that right now our lives are on two totally different paths.

Soon after we started dating our relationship became long distance, I was in Florida & he was in New Jersey, and it was OKAY! I understand that law school will pose new challenges and that will take a toll on our relationship in a thousand different ways. After speaking with some law students I’ve realized that a significant other can be the best support system & mental escape from law school, so long as you are both committed & understand that you wont be able to spend 4 hours on the phone everyday. I’m hopeful that Brandon & I will be fine, we’ll see where this journey takes us!



What I ate Wednesday


On Wednesdays I’ll be posting a re-cap of the delicious treats I find throughout the week. I’ve also created a new category on the blog called “Brief Bites,” this will be an area for all things food. I love finding cool new places in Orlando & I cant wait to find places in Illinois! So here it is, What I Ate Wednesday. Continue reading

A New Car For Law School!

Jeep Patriot


I’ve been driving my mom’s 1996 Toyota Corolla for about 3 years now and needless to say, it’s about time for a new car. Luckily for me, my top law school choice is in a city that is pretty rural so I’ll be able to drive & find parking without too many issues. I’ve always wanted to move to New York City but after coming “down to earth” and realizing I’d “broke like a joke” after graduation I soon left that dream for later.

So, I’ve been shopping around online trying to find my “dream car for law school,” which is much different from my dream car {BMW X5}!

Here’s my mandatory needs list:

1. Heated front seats & Mirrors: I’m moving to a state that has winter temperatures around 50 below 0.

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Get To Know LawToya

As a newbie to the blogging world I figured I should formally introduce myself with a little get to know me post! Here’s 5 interesting facts about me.

1. I’ve been to 14 countries


I take traveling pretty seriously. I love getting away, learning about new cultures and laying out on beaches. So far my favorites have been: France, Italy and Croatia. I’m hoping to double that number by my 30th birthday.

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