Legal Writing is…


This week’s adventures in law school brings us to the lovely topic of legal writing (LWR). Everything was going so well! LOL.

I’ve struggled with writing so much this past week. I knew coming in that I was nervous about the class, but I didn’t realize it would be so stressful!

I read about how frustrating LWR is but I never understood why. So here’s my list of reasons why LWR is…

  • Picking apart the facts of a case & formulating a rule is such a foreign concept.
  • APA & MLA format citations are a thing of the past. The Bluebook is…interesting?
  • Instead of having to fluff up my writing to meet the word limit, I now have to cut my paragraphs DOWN.
  • I can’t procrastinate and write my assignment the night before its due. Those were the days!
  • I HAVE to go to office hours because I’d be a lost puppy if I didn’t.

Basically this whole process is new to me and I’m still adjusting to the change. This weekend my professor complimented a section of my work and I almost shed a tear LOL. Remember to appreciate the little things. ♥



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