1 Month Down, 29 To Go

4 weeks into law school and I am alive and well! I can’t believe it’s already been a month, I guess time flies when you’re having “fun.”

So far I can honestly say it hasn’t been bad. All of the horror stories you hear are over-hyped and obnoxious. During the semester you do the same thing everyday. I’ve read hundreds of boring pages, I’ve been cold-called, and I’ve spent hours in the library. It’s boring, but it’s not hard……yet.

From what I hear the most difficult times of the semester are the days prior to legal writing due dates and finals. I haven’t experienced those days yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to revisit the topic.

Here’s some law school do’s & dont’s if you’re starting next year.

  • Don’t even think about doing 0L prep. In my opinion, it won’t do much good.
    • You’ll probably forget most of what you learn and professors teach what they want to teach. If they choose not to cover adverse possession in property, reading about it over the summer would be a complete waste. Why spend your free time reading when you could be laying out on the beach?
  • Dont think that working in a law firm will make you a better student.
    • Having a background on a legal subject can be nice, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get an A in the class. Everyone starts out on the same playing field, what you do from there is what counts.
  • Do make friends prior to starting.
    • Most schools have a Facebook page for incoming students, use it! You’ll be glad you did when you don’t have to sit next to a stranger on the first day of class.
  • Do RELAX. It wont be as bad as it seems!

I’m feeling good so far, bring it on law school!



7 thoughts on “1 Month Down, 29 To Go”

  1. The law schools where 1L life ISN’T hell usually have great job placement records, at least in the immediate market they serve… now, how well do UIUC grads place in Illinois?


  2. I’m really glad that you’re still blogging! Law school is definitely difficult, but once you find your routine it’s not as time consuming.

    Let me know if you ever want to vent/need advice/etc etc. I know what 1L hell is like and it isn’t pretty.


    1. Thank you Sooo Sooo much. Oh my goodness it’s been interesting lol. I’m going to try my best to keep up with blogging I really enjoy it. I have my closed office memo due next week & I’m terrified. Synthesizing rules is kicking my butt >_<


  3. You should probably ask 2Ls and 3Ls about whether 2L and 3L actually is better than 1L… even at law schools where 1L isn’t hell, it is often said that law school gets better by 2L.

    The best years of a PhD, however, are usually the ABD ones. The years where you no longer have courses to take or to worry about oral quals.


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