Law School Class Schedule


As the title of this post says, I got my class schedule the other day! It was such an exciting moment, I immediately took a screenshot & sent it to Brandon & Tisha. I was in the car dealership & everyone was wondering why I was jumping up and down haha.

So, here’s my schedule!

Contracts ♥ Property ♥ Legal Writing ♥ Legal Reserach ♥ Criminal Law

*Click the photo to enlarge


My thoughts:

  • What am I going to do with the 3 hours between class on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (Read, duh)
  • One of the other sections doesn’t have class on Fridays, I’m jealous
  • No evening classes thank GOD!

Overall I’m really happy with my schedule, nothing absolutely horrible so I can deal. lol


10 thoughts on “Law School Class Schedule”

  1. The green-eyed monster is coming out in me. I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to get my schedule. I’m hoping it comes soon.

    Good luck, girl! You’re going to rock!

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      1. I’m nerdy like that. I always gotta have a plan. But mine came in, so I’m excited. It’s crazy to see the differences in how different schools are run. We also have two sections, but they always make section selections at the end of July. I’m not sure I could wait until orientation! I’d be losing my mind!


      1. Then where do you go to law school?

        I hope life as an 1L won’t be the hell that was advertised to 0Ls, especially in the past few years where the legal job market was down the drain…

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      2. The University of Illinois. And I’ve been talking to a bunch of 1L’s and it’s not as bad as the blogs make it seem. Just have to focus on work/life balance


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