Everyone is Smarter Than Me & Other Crazy Things Law Students Think

Even with a 3.5 GPA, being surrounded by 4.0 students will make you doubt yourself.

Unfortunately this is a huge issue in the law school community. Self-doubt and insecurity are at an all time high. With people getting jobs, scholarships and awards its easy to find yourself feeling inadequate.

Stop comparing yourself to your classmates and remember how amazing you are.

Here are some tips on how to stay positive!

  1. You got into law school! Clearly you’re smart enough to be there, the admissions team believed in your abilities. You should too.
  2. Most people are lying. Its true, the other day my professor confessed that he just pretends to know everything. I’d bet the gunner in Civ Pro class is doing the same.
  3. Talk to upperclassmen. Sometimes 1L’s suck (Sorry). 2L’s are really insightful and 3L’s will help you realize that most of this crap doesn’t even matter.
  4. Get away from the law school. You don’t actually have to stay in the law building 12 hours a day. Find a coffee shop, bookstore or even study at the park on nice days.
  5. Focus on the good stuff. You made it through 1st semester, WOW. You wrote your first memo, WOW! These are all accomplishments. You should be proud of yourself, there are tons of people who didn’t even make it this far. 😀

Law school doesn’t have to suck, it can be a fun and rewarding process. Just ignore the gunners and focus on your own success.



3 thoughts on “Everyone is Smarter Than Me & Other Crazy Things Law Students Think”

  1. Reblogged this on Life Of A London Law Student and commented:
    Even though LawToya Talks is blogging about her experience over the Atlantic, what she says holds true even here! Especially as a final year having recently spoken to various 1st and 2nd years her third point holds true, just focus on what you are doing, why you wanted to be there in the first place and just be yourself.

    Law is stressful enough without comparing yourself and consequently feeling inadequate because let’s face it, if you got into law school then you’re probably very deserving to be where you are so don’t lose that hope.


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