Stu{dying} For Finals

With just 13 days until my first final, I think its safe to say that ish is getting REAL.

I turned my open memo in on Nov. 19th and I wanted to dance, sing, and celebrate. That weekend I went out with a group of friends as our last hoorah before studying began.

So here I am. It’s Thanksgiving break (we get an entire week off!) and I’m sitting in a law school classroom reviewing everything I’ve learned this semester. It sounds really sad, but I’m happy that I stayed in town. I’ve spent thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family for the past 3 years, of course I wish I could be there but I know this is important. I left I wouldn’t have gotten ANY studying done.

Studying…Latoya…STUDYING? More like DYING! LOL.

I’m really proud of myself for staying committed and focusing on the end goal. I know my hard work will pay off.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



One thought on “Stu{dying} For Finals”

  1. I can relate, but this is where you’ll see whether law school really is, like you once said, not that bad (provided the law school’s placement is decent) or not.


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