Helpful law/law school related sites that provide insight on the legal profession.

Top-Law-Schools {}

♦This site is run by 0L’s, law students, and law school grads. It provides a TON of advice on everything law related and its a cool place to connect with students who may be attending your law school.

 Law School Numbers{}

♦Here you can see other students stats (GPA, LSAT) and what school accepted, rejected waitlisted them. This is a helpful source for determining whether you have a likely shot at being accepted as well.

U. S. News Rankings {}

♦ The most common ranking site. This site lists the all 150 law schools  in order of “best” to “worst.” (Take these with a grain of salt)

Above The Law {}

♦ A witty website covering topics that range from recent legal news to law school mishaps. A fun yet insightful read.

Ms. JD {}

♦ An amazing site that empowers women in the legal industry. This site presents tips, resources as well as blogs written by attorneys, law students and other legal professionals.


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