The law community is supportive

I started this blog in an effort to help pre-law students get a real idea of what the law school journey is all about. When I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer about 3 years ago I searched every website, blog, & forum for help on what to do & where to start.

I was so excited when I found  resources specifically for law students, I was never short of answers. I spent hours at a time reading law student blogs with titles like “A day in the life of a law student” & “My study schedule.” These posts helped me understand what this life is REALLY like. Recently I’ve stepped out of my shell & started not only reading the blogs & forums, but actually participating in them. I comment & ask questions, I private message people who interest me, and I engage in conversation with #LawTwitter.  Continue reading “The law community is supportive”


Where the Heck have I been?

Soooo, yea… I’ve been m.i.a on the blog for about a month now. I have updates for you guys so lets just get started, shall we?


I put this in caps because I thought I was never going to make a decision. So on August 9th (my 22nd birthday) I will be packing my bags and driving to Illinois. *Whoa*  Continue reading “Where the Heck have I been?”

What I ate Wednesday


On Wednesdays I’ll be posting a re-cap of the delicious treats I find throughout the week. I’ve also created a new category on the blog called “Brief Bites,” this will be an area for all things food. I love finding cool new places in Orlando & I cant wait to find places in Illinois! So here it is, What I Ate Wednesday. Continue reading “What I ate Wednesday”

2 Weeks until D-Day!

Decision day that is. I have two weeks to decide what law school I will be attending.

On April 10th one of my top choices will be expecting a $250 seat deposit & that is terrifying. I still haven’t made a final decision but I do have an idea of which school is my favorite.

This weekend I traveled to New Jersey to attend an admitted students day event, it was lackluster to say the least. So far I’ve visited two schools and neither have brought me to “Say yes to the dress.” This upcoming weekend I will be traveling to Illinois with my mom, I’m really hoping to be blown away. If I don’t like this school, lets just say…I’m screwed.


Negotiating Law School Scholarships

Negotiating scholarships can be quite an intimidating process. I had no idea that this was even an option until well into my application cycle. Not only is it possible, but it’s actually pretty common! As we all know law school is insanely expensive, and I don’t know about most of you, but my parents do not have $100,000 to shell out on my tuition.

So far I have been accepted into 9 law schools (I went a little crazy applying to basically everywhere) and of the 9 schools, 8 of them have offered me a scholarship. Some more than others, but that is normal. Although ranking & employment numbers are important, cost is just as important to me. I am very happy and blessed to have been accepted to so many law schools, but I do have to make the best decision for my future. So here are some basic steps to negotiating scholarships:

Step 1: Humble yourself

Continue reading “Negotiating Law School Scholarships”