Life Update: What Happened to LawToya?!

HEYYYYY! How you Doooin? *Wendy Williams voice*

So, I’m back from my blogging break. About 2 weeks ago I posted Life Throws Curveballs as I was frantically sobbing. I’m here to update you on what the heck happened.

As you may know, a few months ago I wrote about the apartment I signed for in Illinois. I was so excited about this place, everything was perfect! The appliances were new, the living room was bright & the location was amazing. When I initially visited, I filled out an application & paid an app fee. I was told by the leasing office that I was put on the list & would get an apartment assignment in June-July. Fast-forward to June 24th, I got an email stating that there were NO apartments available & I was essentially homeless. I WAS DEVASTATED! I tried my best to keep calm when I called the leasing office, but I did slip a few *kind* words into the conversation.

What the heck was I going to do? I live in Florida, I’m moving in a month, and I have nowhere to live. If you aren’t familiar with areas around large college’s, apartments near by go FAST. I signed a lease for the apartment I currently live in almost 8 months in advance. As I called apartment after apartment I began to lose hope, no one had openings. Finally, after about 25 phone calls I found one. I called the company asking for one apartment that was unfortunately unavailable, but after explaining my situation to the leasing agent she suggested another complex. I called them soon afer and THANK GOD, they had an apartment available.

Although I was excited, I was really nervous. Was I really about to sign a lease on an apartment I’d never visited? Yes, I had no choice. The leasing agent was the sweetest person ever, she offered to go into the apartment and take pictures of the space. She sent me 10 pictures from all different angles and I couldn’t thank her enough for her help.

I began to realize just how true it is that everything happens for a reason. The new apartment I signed for has so many things that other was lacking. I’m closer to my school, I’m getting a bigger space, the leasing agents are amazing, and I get faster internet (lol, so important).

When bad things happen in life, try to take a moment to think about the situation. Maybe I just wasnt meant to be there & this had to happen in order for me to realize it. Either way, I’m pleased with my new apartment & I can’t wait to move in! Thanks to everyone who sent me messages & wrote sweet comments, I appreciate every one of you. 😀



Life Throws Curveballs

I was in the process of writing a really nice post for the blog today when I got an email with some disappointing news.

After crying it out for a few minutes, I put my frustration into action & I think I’ve figured things out. I wont get into detail about it just yet, but hopefully by next week I’ll be able to update you all.

Every now & then things happen in life that remind you, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Life throws curveballs, you just gotta learn how to catch them.


A Day in the Life of a Law Student

Posted by a fellow Law School blogger! This post does a great job of laying out what a average day for a law student looks like. Be sure to follow Emily’s blog “This Law School Life” for more amazing posts! 😀

This Law School Life

This post was requested by Latoya (ie. LawToyaTalks…go follow her right now if you don’t already!)  I was planning on doing a post like this regardless, but her request prompted me to do this a little bit earlier.  She asked me to write a post about a typical day in the life of a law student.  Since I just finished my 1L year, I’ll write about what a typical day was like…once 2L starts I’m sure it will be different and I’ll write another post. But for now, a glimpse into a normal day this past semester for me.

7:00-7:15 — Wake up.  Coffee, always.  Note to the caffeine dependent… this is not the time to decide to quit.  Get ready for the day, grab my books and laptop, and something quick for breakfast, usually a granola bar.

8:00-9:15 — Class

9:15-12:00 — Break between classes.  Usually during this time…

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Black In America #BlackLivesMatter

This morning I am sick. Sad. Pissed. Disgusted. Hurt. Frustrated.

Last night, an armed WHITE man in Charleston S.C walked in to a historically BLACK church and opened fire on the church’s members during bible study, killing 9. (CNN) A 5-year-old in the church says she played dead, so the gunman wouldn’t shoot her too. This man gunned down BLACK people, in their sanctuary. In CHURCH, where the black community goes for comfort & unity & strength to face the shit we are put through on a daily basis in this country.

This is our REALITY. This is our everyday. We wake up to this, EVERYDAY. In our homes, in our churches, in our neighborhoods we are hunted, hated and targeted.

We can’t :

Walk on the street

Wear hoodies

Be transgender

Go to the pool

Be outside at night

Play with toy guns

Walk around in Wal-Mart

Listen to music in our Cars

Sleep in our homes

Cheer at graduations

Play in a public park

Go to bible study

Raise our arms in surrender





Without being KILLED.


12 hours later & this terrorist is still at large. Alive. To be white in America is to be Free.

Rachel Dolezal, is RACE FLUID today?

Rest in Peace to the 9 people who lost their lives last night & Rest in Peace to the thousands who died before them at the hands of racist bigots. #BlackLivesMatter


Studying For The LSAT Sucks! Here’s How to Cope

It does, I wont sugar coat it. It was the most stressful experience of my life (that’s a bit dramatic, I know). To tell you all the truth, I rarely feel challenged in school. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant, it’s just how I feel. I’ve always gotten A’s, I’ve always been a good student, and I rarely come across subjects that I find difficult. (Yay, law school?) So when it came time to study for the LSAT I thought it would be just another exam…boy was I wrong!
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My Law School Journey

So I have this app on my phone that is counting down the days until I start law school. (79 days, 22 hours & 38 minutes) As I look at it, I realize how long the journey to this day has been. I didn’t grow up wanting to be a lawyer so it’s not as long as my besfriend’s timeline but it has been a lengthy process. So I decided to take you all along a timeline of my “Get to law school” journey. Here we go!

Fall 2012: “I think I want to be a lawyer” This is really how it happened, no lie.

March 2013: My first law school visit with my bestie Tisha (, we flew to New York and visited Fordham Law & NYU Law.   Continue reading “My Law School Journey”